Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions Horses For Sale.

1:All Horses for sale are open to any trainers, advisors or vets to asses their suitability for your own requirements.  All competition Horses are fully vetted prior to Importation however we recommend all Horses are re vetted prior to purchase to ensure peace of mind. Home bred and Horses taken for sale on behalf of clients are not pre vetted.

2: Horses for sale on behalf of clients or will be stated as such and constituted as a private sale. All information, breeding, regarding such Horses will be supplied by their owner/breeder.  Any contract remains solely between the current owner & prospective purchaser.  

 3: We do not accept deposits. If you choose to buy a horse they will remain ‘For Sale’ until full payment has been cleared. we cannot ‘Reserve’ horses. If you wish to have a vetting this process should be carried out at Woodcroft Stud by a vet of your choice.  If a vetting is required this should be done as soon as possible after deciding to proceed with the purchase. On completion of a satisfactory vetting the ownership will immediately transfer to the new owner.

4: We strongly recommend insurance is taken out for your new horse as well as public liability & personal accident insurance as we cannot be held liable for any accidents, illness or injury however caused to Horse, Rider or associates.  Insurance can be arranged by us if required with a reputable equine insurance broker of your choice. 

5: Payment is due within 24 hours of vetting by BACS / CHAPS or other cleared funds.  No Horse may be removed from Woodcroft Stud until funds are fully cleared.  Any balance remaining unpaid may render the contract cancelled & any monies forfited. 

6: We request that horses are collected within 3 days of purchase.  Horses left at Woodcroft Stud after this time may be liable for livery charges.

7: Whilst we make every effort to ensure accuracy of all information including pictures & video’s on our web site, from time to time errors may occur. The details presented within are offered as a guideline only and do not form part of any contract or offer for sale. This does not replace due diligence on behalf of the buyer.

8: All Competition Horses are sold as seen & tried.  No warranty is offered or implied for any horse unless specifically stated at time of purchase.  All horses are passported and microchipped. We do not offer a trial period or Loan with a view to purchase. All horses are sold vice free unless specifically stated otherwise.

9: All horses are tried & assessed at your own & your associates risk.  We will show ridden horses under saddle prior to you trying them. We strongly recommend you fully assess your own ability & suitability to try or buy any horse we offer for sale. We cannot be held responsible for any behavioral changes or clinical findings once a horse has been sold. We reserve the right to withdraw any horse from viewing or sale at any time.  By buying a horse from Woodcroft Stud you therefore agree to our terms & conditions of sale.  A hard hat must be worn at all times when trying horses.