“Over the past few years we have bought many horses from Tim and Bernadette.
 Visiting Woodcroft Stud is always a Pleasure and whether you are looking for a horse to produce and sell or for your horse of a Lifetime- Tim and Bernadette will have one for you.
 A few of our Superstars that were bought from Woodcroft Stud include Krack DE, Impulz De B and Woodcroft Harvest. All Superb Top quality horses that are our competing with huge Success .”

Tim & Antonia Brown, Northampton

“Woodcroft Stud are always one I call when looking for a horse for myself or a friend. Bernadette, Tim and Beth are a great team finding super horses and showing their quality by successfully competing them.”

TRS Dressage, London

I bought an amazing 3 year old from these guys. They were honest, supportive and incredibly knowledgable. Having competed very successfully I am now selling the horse for more than 8 times its original price! What a winner. Not only that but Tim & Bernadette have a list of my requirements and are searching for a match for me. Amazing service and affordable. I hadn’t realised this was possible so I am a very happy customer. Woodcroft comes highly recommended by me”

Joan Mason, Hertfordshire

‘I am absolutely delighted with my mare from Woodcroft Stud. She is the sweetest and most beautiful creature, a true reflection of the care and attention that Bernadette and Tim took in breeding her and bringing her on as a youngster. They were both incredibly honest, helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process – thank you both, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Woodcroft Stud to anyone looking to buy top quality horses!’

Sofia Tavener, London